Package codeanticode.glgraphics

Interface Summary
GLConstants This interface class defines constants used in the glgraphics package.

Class Summary
GLCgFXEffect This class encapsulates a CgFX shader effect.
GLCgShader This class encapsulates a Cg shader.
GLGraphics This class implements a Processing renderer based on the OPENGL renderer.
GLGraphicsOffScreen This class implements OpenGL renderer for off-screen rendering.
GLModel This class holds a 3D model composed of vertices, normals, colors (per vertex) and texture coordinates (also per vertex).
GLModelEffectParameter This class stores the (uniform) parameter for a model effect.
GLModelEffectVertexAttrib This class stores the (vertex attribute) parameter for a model effect.
GLShader This class defines the basic API of a shader (GLSL or Cg).
GLSLShader This class encapsulates a glsl shader.
GLSLShaderAttribute This class stores the attribute variable of a GLSL shader.
GLSLShaderUniform This class stores the uniform variable of a GLSL shader.
GLSLTextureFilterParameter This class stores the uniform parameter for a texture filter.
GLTexture This class adds an opengl texture to a PImage object.
GLTextureFilter This class defines a 2D filter to apply on GLTexture objects.
GLTextureFilterParameter This class stores the parameter for a texture filter.
GLTextureParameters This class stores the parameters for a texture: target, internal format, minimization filter and magnification filter.
GLTexturePingPong This class encapsulates two GLTextures, that are labeled as read and write.
GLTextureWindow An undecorated ligheweight AWT window to show just a single texture created in the main OpenGL context of the parent PApplet.

processing library GLGraphics by Andres Colubri. (c) 2008-2011